Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hacker Diaries Chapter 8

Rick Fleming got his knowledge about hacking changed this day. As a veteran air force intelligence operator, he worked on computer security  and intelligence programs. He also earned a master engineering about computers during his years of working. He is an amazing programmer and he was the best programmer you can scout. If he were to do something he wanted to do, he would hire H.D. Moore before anyone else did. He was always trying to scout new youth hackers and train them so they could be even better. When H.D. Moore came to his office, Fleming was surprised. All he saw was a teenager with a messed up haircut. and a sleek black jacket. When he arrived in CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), he was very surprised.

Fleming approached an IRC with Moore in it. Real time conversations. That was what he really needed. He asked Moore if he wanted to work in the Air Force. Moore immediately went to his office. When he was interviewed by Fleming, Moore was nervous. Before Fleming asked Moore on what specific areas he excelled in, he first asked Moore on his experience in computing. Moore told Fleming that he got some references from big companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft. He told Fleming that two years earlier before the interview he reported Microsoft and Yahoo! about the holes in their security system. Microsoft and Yahoo! agreed and would stock Moore with more references whenever he applied to a job. It was also revealed that Moore wrote a program script and worked with the Navy 's project called Shadow.

Moore was at his youth; he could absorb even more information more easily and even better, he had professional experience with the Navies. Because there was a complicated system that filtered subtle probes and attacks against military, Moore got the current code base and rewrote large chunks so that the base could be deployed in a single computer config. Moore explained that the patterns in the security and with Nmap, hackers could easily track and map the entire internet. Moore also stated that he found some coordinated attacks. He also concluded that this could be a threat to the national security. In a few weeks time, the Pentagon was threatened with attacks directed from multiple locations around the world. They were using Nmap, an amazing tool that can help track hackers.

However, the threat was real. Moore's analysis about Nmap was 100% correct. People that used it were untraceable. Some attackers even sent more than 3 probes a day. After so much talking, Fleming hired the youngster. The fastest way to detect an Nmap scan was to use Perl (Read chapters 2-4 before if still dazed) script. The problem about hiring Moore was that he wants to incorporate himself. But behind that cocky, silent persona, what impressed Fleming the most was how Moore could speak so fastly and back up his mind with what he had. And that was just the beginning.

H.D. Moore was born in 1981, Hawaii. His parents were divorced and he was sent crashing down. He was a troublemaker at some primary schools; once he even got dumped out of school before he even stayed there for a week. His real name was H.D; his parents wanted a Hindu name for him. He often got picked because of his name. The first computer he messed around with was a computer designed by one of the greatest hackers to step foot in this world; Steve Wozniak. When he was in his tough school years (Years 5-7) he was completely out of control and not a very intelligent kid that knew a lot about computers. He wrote his own programs and all he really done was send computers crashing. A few years passed, and when H.D was in high school, he was a bright kid who knew a lot about computers. When H.D moved to California with his mom, he was dropped out of school. The first thing he did after being dropped out wasn't cry like a person that lost all his hope; instead, he logged on to his computer. He dedicated his life to it and it really paid off. Trojan softwares that he made, he sent to fellow work mates in his IRC.

H.D wanted to go to school again and he got to a school where he chose his subjects and he was free. He chose his subjects and had countless hours of free time. He was considered a good hacker and sometimes it takes a hacker to beat a hacker. When he worked in CSC, he did a lot of projects and got a lot of paperwork. He also dialed VPNs. Some projects that he did were classified. He was even told to make offensive hack tools. Some of his scripts and tools were really useful. He got a lot of dough for his work he produced. He was then head of his division. A few years later, H.D resigned to be a freelancer. Whenever he was needed by Fleming, he could come and this time, Fleming hired him when business was big. Most days, when H.D was working too hard, he got to have a break. He usually uses a black DefCon shirt to work . Fleming even considers H.D too smart as a hacker. "He is one of the best hackers this world will ever encounter" Felming said. "I would place him at the top 20 worldwide".

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