Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hacker Diaries Chapter 6

It was unfamiliar for hackers. In DefCon, there were more well dressed people. A girl, Anna Moore just won an award. She was an intelligent child which learnt about DOS since she was 3. It was the conflict when AT&T crashed but for Anna, she learned programming. The internet was introduced to her when she was nine. She labels herself as a computer nerd. When it was 1996, she joined an IRC. It was when there were gangs in servers, banning everyone they want to. Those times were called nuking. It was when the IRC were at war.

Anna took a new online name 'Starla Pureheart'. She learnt to phreak phones the old fashioned way. She attempted to hack and described hacking as learning to dance in a body suit. She said that windows had a weak security system. She went deeper inside hacking when her dad got her a book to hack linux. She learnt the programming language 'C' and it was one of her favorite. When Anna's mom heard about 2600, it attracted her. But in her state, Oklahoma, it was inactive. The next time she tried to join 2600 was successful. She didn't get good information though. In 2600, they were asked if they wanted to join DefCon. She wanted to join but she needed to pay. Anna sold a Pokemon game, a Backstreet Boys CD, and a Mario 64 game. The money was raised and she could go.

In DefCon, the hotel they stayed in needed repairs. When they were to register, there were two registration lines; the white hat and the black hat. Defcon was what they expected; laughter, seriousness, and hacking. Anna really enjoyed it. Despite not being famous, Defcon kept in shape. In a mayhem, the third day, Anna has won the CyberEthicalSurfivor Contest. Everyone was impressed. Defcon was impressed. Anna was let to communicate with her father through email. Hacking, was a real passion. she went to university and took more courses.

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