Monday, May 5, 2014

A New Book, A New Start

Right now, we are on a new book called Twelve Years A Slave. Many of you might have heard of it, and if you are interested of seeing the summary, go to this link: for my new book 12 Years A Slave and many more to come. I hope it will take me to bigger steps of summaries. If you guys are really looking forward for asking me to summarize a book, please leave a comment in this blog or in the other one.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Hacker Diaries: OVERALL SCORE

Hey, guys! I haven't updated for a few days, and man, it is good to be back. The book I have just made a summary about is finally finished, and I will make a book score and my opinion about the whole book. This book I was assigned with, my loyal fans was a book about different hackers and different roles they take in the hacking world. This book took a few weeks to review and summarize, and please let me know what book i should summarize next. It would be great if I had suggestions so you guys could hear summaries from your favorite books. This isn't a school task; don't misunderstand me, I am doing this for the people that want to see a summary for their favorite book, so I would be delighted if you send any suggestions. My first blog season was an amazing one, although I didn't get a lot of page views. My main priority isn't to impress readers. What I really want to do is impress myself and I haven't really done that. Dear readers, I would like to apologize if I have said any discomforting things in any of my posts, but like people say, let the bad times roll. So, lets get with criticism now.

This book was good, it has given me a lot of knowledge about computers and I knew thing that I didn't know before. The plots in the stories, however. They are fairly boring for a child like me, in this very young age. Although it was just a bit boring, I had some imaginary motivations that led me to finishing this book. This book has encouraged me to learn more about computers and hacking. The most likely candidate for my next summary is a book linked to computers, but if anyone wants a book, I could always make a summary about it. I would like to make a summary about the book adapted to a movie, the Oscar winning 12 Years A Slave if there aren't any comments in a few days. So, lets really skip to criticism.

The introduction was good, it was a good start and made us understand more about what will happen in the next chapters. It wasn't clear about who was writing, but after seeing all stories and trying to match characters in the stories with the character in the introduction, the most likely hacker is Mafiaboy. Genocide, from chapter one, was a probable black hat. He caused mischief and trouble, but however, like most hackers, he ended up going against hacking. Aaron, if you still remember him, the script kiddie from chapter two, took a different role in hacking. Joe, also from chapter two, never quit hacking and turned into a white hat. Mafiaboy, from chapter three, just got to juvie and no one ever heard from him anymore. Explotion and Pr0metheus, the brothers of mischief are just mad and terrible black hats. Illuminati! Satanists! That is what defines Pr0metheus. I have no doubt that he still hates god now. That kid is just hopeless. Explotion, on the other hand, also can't be cured. Those two hackers in my opinion are the meanest from the mean and the worst from the worse. When your'e mad, you don't hack; instead, you just let it all go. In my opinion, chapter 5 with WorldOfHell in it was the most boring chapter. I mean, all hacking groups are capable of doing that. Defacing, hacking sites, and finding yourself in a root system isn't so awesome when your'e a big bad group that can demolish sites. Those are too mainstream. Find something unusual a hacker never done! Chapter 6 was quite interesting. Although it was no more than a female hacker starting from the bottom, it wasn't so special. Look, i admire hackers for their capabilities, but when all you really do is deface, when are your real hacking powers going to be admired? Chapter 7 was the most interesting, in my opinion. White hat hackers are doing the right thing, and this is no typical white hat. Willie is a white hat no one knows. He thought his friend on how to hack and he really dug in and defined hacking, so he was the hacker with most morals so its no doubt he had the best story. H.D. Moore was a teenager full of hope. He was talented, and he got recruited for his brains. If I were to become a headhunter, I'd have my eye on him.

If you don't like this book, please do not blame me or the author. If you don't like this book, blame the hackers that they hadn't had a good enough life story. You can blame me too, if you don't like my summaries, but guys; seriously? If I am not a good enough summarizer, please tell me on what I could improve and how you want my reviews to be like because its not like I have a magic lamp that as if i rubbed it a genie would come out. Many people would ask, what makes a hacker? Why would hackers want to be hackers? The answers is, they're sick of their lives. Most hackers have divorced parents, and I feel sorry for them. You definitely can't blame them for being bad, but you can blame them for messing up industries. In my perspective, its not the hacker's fault. It is their parents' fault that they didn't raise their children well. After all guys, no one was born bad. Its how they grow up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hacker Diaries Chapter 8

Rick Fleming got his knowledge about hacking changed this day. As a veteran air force intelligence operator, he worked on computer security  and intelligence programs. He also earned a master engineering about computers during his years of working. He is an amazing programmer and he was the best programmer you can scout. If he were to do something he wanted to do, he would hire H.D. Moore before anyone else did. He was always trying to scout new youth hackers and train them so they could be even better. When H.D. Moore came to his office, Fleming was surprised. All he saw was a teenager with a messed up haircut. and a sleek black jacket. When he arrived in CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), he was very surprised.

Fleming approached an IRC with Moore in it. Real time conversations. That was what he really needed. He asked Moore if he wanted to work in the Air Force. Moore immediately went to his office. When he was interviewed by Fleming, Moore was nervous. Before Fleming asked Moore on what specific areas he excelled in, he first asked Moore on his experience in computing. Moore told Fleming that he got some references from big companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft. He told Fleming that two years earlier before the interview he reported Microsoft and Yahoo! about the holes in their security system. Microsoft and Yahoo! agreed and would stock Moore with more references whenever he applied to a job. It was also revealed that Moore wrote a program script and worked with the Navy 's project called Shadow.

Moore was at his youth; he could absorb even more information more easily and even better, he had professional experience with the Navies. Because there was a complicated system that filtered subtle probes and attacks against military, Moore got the current code base and rewrote large chunks so that the base could be deployed in a single computer config. Moore explained that the patterns in the security and with Nmap, hackers could easily track and map the entire internet. Moore also stated that he found some coordinated attacks. He also concluded that this could be a threat to the national security. In a few weeks time, the Pentagon was threatened with attacks directed from multiple locations around the world. They were using Nmap, an amazing tool that can help track hackers.

However, the threat was real. Moore's analysis about Nmap was 100% correct. People that used it were untraceable. Some attackers even sent more than 3 probes a day. After so much talking, Fleming hired the youngster. The fastest way to detect an Nmap scan was to use Perl (Read chapters 2-4 before if still dazed) script. The problem about hiring Moore was that he wants to incorporate himself. But behind that cocky, silent persona, what impressed Fleming the most was how Moore could speak so fastly and back up his mind with what he had. And that was just the beginning.

H.D. Moore was born in 1981, Hawaii. His parents were divorced and he was sent crashing down. He was a troublemaker at some primary schools; once he even got dumped out of school before he even stayed there for a week. His real name was H.D; his parents wanted a Hindu name for him. He often got picked because of his name. The first computer he messed around with was a computer designed by one of the greatest hackers to step foot in this world; Steve Wozniak. When he was in his tough school years (Years 5-7) he was completely out of control and not a very intelligent kid that knew a lot about computers. He wrote his own programs and all he really done was send computers crashing. A few years passed, and when H.D was in high school, he was a bright kid who knew a lot about computers. When H.D moved to California with his mom, he was dropped out of school. The first thing he did after being dropped out wasn't cry like a person that lost all his hope; instead, he logged on to his computer. He dedicated his life to it and it really paid off. Trojan softwares that he made, he sent to fellow work mates in his IRC.

H.D wanted to go to school again and he got to a school where he chose his subjects and he was free. He chose his subjects and had countless hours of free time. He was considered a good hacker and sometimes it takes a hacker to beat a hacker. When he worked in CSC, he did a lot of projects and got a lot of paperwork. He also dialed VPNs. Some projects that he did were classified. He was even told to make offensive hack tools. Some of his scripts and tools were really useful. He got a lot of dough for his work he produced. He was then head of his division. A few years later, H.D resigned to be a freelancer. Whenever he was needed by Fleming, he could come and this time, Fleming hired him when business was big. Most days, when H.D was working too hard, he got to have a break. He usually uses a black DefCon shirt to work . Fleming even considers H.D too smart as a hacker. "He is one of the best hackers this world will ever encounter" Felming said. "I would place him at the top 20 worldwide".

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hacker Diaries: Chapter 7

In this very day, Willie Gonzalez's life was about to change. He was the average teenager that you would meet. Willie was an innocent child that never wanted to know much about computers. But unfortunately, this happened.

Willie met a teenager messing with a computer and he was told to press a button. The teenager looked hooked up to the computer, but Willie didn't know what else he could've done, so he pressed enter. When he did so, Willie was warned that he was inside the U.S government computer system. He was shocked, but in shock, he was also interested and he decided to go deeper inside hacking.

 Willie's parents were divorced. He had a bad life as a teenager. His mother was poor and he needed to get a part time job to work. He got a new father and moved to Miami. Although it was much better in Miami, high school still sucked. It was very boring. He got a better life and he could buy softwares with his stepfather. When he entered a BBS, he found out that you could get expensive softwares for free.

Willie was a child that hated school. He especially hated typing lessons. He was bad at them, so he went the easy way in. He hacked into a teacher's account and made him pass all the assignments. He got to change his score because he had unlimited access to admin accounts. he still hates school although he could find some tricks to get good grades, and that is by cheating.

When Willie was playing a game at home, his neighbor, called Kryp was a good friend of his. Their parents knew each other and that was when Kryp visited Willie to play a game. Willie was happy he got a friend to play with. Willie thought him on how the game works and all the logic behind the game. He really like How Kryp acted and that was why he thought Kryp. Kryp was intelligent and knew how the game worked, so he was caught up in Willie's hacking bait.

When Willie was 18, his mom was worried about him hacking and was afraid that he would get in some serious problem with the FBI or a big association. Willie didn't mind and he just kept on hacking. Today, Willie will hack himself to jail. Straight to jail by hacking a lot of companies, but not defacing them. He got the FBI curious but that didn't stop him.

A year had just passed. Willie was 19 and now he's got a job in a local Miami company. They didn't know Willie was a hacker, so Willie disguised as a technician and said that he had to fix the computer. Instead he just used the admin computer, opened command prompt, and destroyed files. He shook with the CEO after that and he had free lunch after job applying.

Willie met Kryp in Taco Bell. They had a good time together, they chat, and they shared some laughs. This thing they did they called a DP run, Dr. Pepper run, was a weekly thing. One week, Kryp asked Willie "Willie, are you a hacker?" Willie was surprised and told Kryp "Yes I am, Kryp. As a matter of fact, I have hacked hundreds of websites. Hacking is not bad. It is the person that is good or bad." That was the first time Willie explained about hacking. After a few DP runs with different teens, Kryp was asked the same question and answered just like his mentor.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hacker Diaries Chapter 6

It was unfamiliar for hackers. In DefCon, there were more well dressed people. A girl, Anna Moore just won an award. She was an intelligent child which learnt about DOS since she was 3. It was the conflict when AT&T crashed but for Anna, she learned programming. The internet was introduced to her when she was nine. She labels herself as a computer nerd. When it was 1996, she joined an IRC. It was when there were gangs in servers, banning everyone they want to. Those times were called nuking. It was when the IRC were at war.

Anna took a new online name 'Starla Pureheart'. She learnt to phreak phones the old fashioned way. She attempted to hack and described hacking as learning to dance in a body suit. She said that windows had a weak security system. She went deeper inside hacking when her dad got her a book to hack linux. She learnt the programming language 'C' and it was one of her favorite. When Anna's mom heard about 2600, it attracted her. But in her state, Oklahoma, it was inactive. The next time she tried to join 2600 was successful. She didn't get good information though. In 2600, they were asked if they wanted to join DefCon. She wanted to join but she needed to pay. Anna sold a Pokemon game, a Backstreet Boys CD, and a Mario 64 game. The money was raised and she could go.

In DefCon, the hotel they stayed in needed repairs. When they were to register, there were two registration lines; the white hat and the black hat. Defcon was what they expected; laughter, seriousness, and hacking. Anna really enjoyed it. Despite not being famous, Defcon kept in shape. In a mayhem, the third day, Anna has won the CyberEthicalSurfivor Contest. Everyone was impressed. Defcon was impressed. Anna was let to communicate with her father through email. Hacking, was a real passion. she went to university and took more courses.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hacker Diaries Chapter 5

After 9/11, Congress grated federal law enforcement authorities sweeping new powers to play with phones and track terror seekers on the move. It was a hacker's dream come true. Exactly 11 weeks after 9/11, the infamous hacker gang World of Hell, found by Cowhead200. Its members were found all over the world. They defaced hundreds of websites at a time. The numbers of websites that they 'owned' were really many. They included private companies and military organizations. When the federal agents checked his room, it wasn't much like a bedroom. It looked more like a hacking lab and a technology center. There were many computers that were the best ones in that era. He also had a guitar to go with him.

WorldOfHell first struck a South Korean manufacturer of power amplifiers. Actually Cowhead did. WorldOfHell's first debut was a porn site, and they wanted to be feared. People in their IRC server thought that they were just script kiddie wannabies. On March 25, they started a mass defacement and defaced more than 200 sites. By the end of the month, they got 13 experienced members and defaced all over the world. By June, a new member called RaFa joined. He was loud, and was the person that bragged most. He was born in 1984, somwhere in Middle-America. He was the smart student that got good grades in  High School. He also like graphic arts, that's why he called himself RaFa, after the painter Raphael. In the group, no one cared about him and the major guys like Cowhead would ignore him.

The group taunted everyone about their system and defaced the links anyway. Another member joined, and he was FoneTone. He was a good script writer and he also was humorous. He hacked five times a week, and that was the least he'd do. WoH's Kr0n said that highschool teachers were stupid and don't know anything about computers. They have successfully changed the definition of hacking, and now they are no longer pictured as nerds. Every website they defaced would say that the admin just got owned. January 15 was the end of WoH. To me, they were just a normal IRC server but they cost the net a lot. Their future is almost gone. It is not very well managed. No offense, but for the fans of this particular story, it was the most boring.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Hacker Diaries Chapter 4

So, the next chapter is again a completely different story. It is about two hacking brothers. One is angry with Christianity, that one's called Pr0metheus. The other one, was just angry. He is Explotion. No matter what you think, all hackers and script kiddies have unique stories to tell. It explains why one teenage hacker wants to be The Devil's Advocate while the other is thinking what type of hacker he should be. This is not explained in the book, but there must be something that makes the hacker do this. Maybe they have no friends, maybe they have family problems, or maybe they have their personal problems. To me, not all hackers could be blamed for what they have done. There must be a sadder story behind it.

Pr0metheus, Satan's hacker, targets Christian websites to corrupt. The first thing he will need to start his onslaught is a list of victims to be terminated. A list of sites. He went to, and with the keyword 'Church' and 'Holycross' he found over 2,000 servers and websites to terminate. Everyone knows that you can't mutilate 2,000 websites in a night. To narrow this out, Pr0metheus modified the Perl (Practical Extraction and Report) which is used to process text. With the script, Pr0metheus defaced all holy writings and turned them to devilish ones. Pr0metheus is a worshiper of Satan; and he is on the internet, striking holy sites. When he's done putting all the devilish writings, he leaves a name card with his email to make his personal things more puzzling. After he is done defacing a website, he leaves Satan's symbol in it. On November 30, 2001, the Archdiocese of Baltimore issues that a hacking group called 'Hacking by Satan' has just emerged, and announces that no one is safe.

From now, we'll just call him Prometheus instead of Pr0metheus, its less complicated. Ok, and so, Prometheus started hacking since he was 14. He thought that C and Pascal :) programming were too boring but at least still better than school. When Prometheus turned fifteen, it was his birthday and he got to choose his religion. It was certainly no doubt that he chose Satanism. He started to become a Satanist when he read the bible of Satan. He said that he was really interested in it and his life felt like it just started. Satanism was the sart of his maniacal Holy demolishing. Hacking for Satan wasn't his first group. He joined a group with Poisonbox in it and his attacks directed on mostly DISAs. Prometheus then taunted system admins about their lack of security and dumped a picture of Anton LaVey, the writer of The Satan Bible. Prometheus was starting to get bored with Poisonbox and decided to gt a move on with life. He defaced a Christian school site and dumped a few letters then an upside down cross. If you count Prometheus' victims, there are 56 and counting.

Prometheus never steals credit card data, so the press don't have anything to charge him with. He always backs up original files and never destroy data on servers. He doesn't plan to stop hacking; in fact he plans to make his group grow. He said that he hacked sites not to brag, but to promote Satanism. From this angle, you can tell that he has a lot of problems. Prometheus studies in school about computer technology. Recently, we haven't heard from him.

Explosion, is a pissed of teenager, who puts charges on everyone, but not particularly anybody. He is a well educated hacker, and a quite good one too. What he really wants to do is corrupt the minds of children. Born and raised in Calif, he was the victim of a divorce. He was a good friend, and a better hacker. One day, he found a gap in the email and with the right skills, you can hack into it. In High School, he wasn't a popular kid, but doesn't get annoyed a lot. His school provides technology and unlike his old school, this one was very free. He could do just about anything he wants. A few months after his junior years, his mom died and he met a friend with his interest. He could use the computer in his friend's house just by talking his way in.

It's October 2001, and he got himself and his friend a job. He still hates people, but starts to blend with the environment. Now, Explotion is a much better person. He works as a chief technology officer in a small company in California. He works by himself where he doesn't get bothered easily. He likes his job but he would much rather hack. His assistant liked a band, and it made a poll for which song was best. Explotion made a short yet complicated script, called PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). He wanted the song he picked to get a lot of votes, and this script looped, so every time the program stopped running, it ran again. The script was amazing. Not only he hijacked polls, but he also arranged the poll. He added songs, and put songs that the band cut from their album in the poll.People in his IRC server (Read Introduction if need more explanation) suggested him to put in vulgar and obscene titles that didn't even exist. What Explotion wanted to do was tell the band that they shouldn't have cut the songs, not to corrupt the band. It is now told that Explotion is a better person, but for me, he fights for what's good inside.

If there is unclear information about IRC, go here:

The Hacker Diaries is a compilation of hacking stories that was written by Dan Verton. All rights and respect go to him.

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The Hacker Diaries Chapter 3

It was a normal day of school for students at Sisters High School in Oregon when one of the students complained that the server had stopped working. Renner, the school technician wasn't really interested by the crash. He thought that it just needed a few tweaks here and there, a few museclicks and codes, but no. It was an unusual problem. This high school network ISP (Internet Service Provider) network wasn't the cheap kind. It was a 50k network that provided access to 500 students but it has grown to serving more than 1,000 residences. After they found that their ISP, Outlawnet was hacked, they were concerned on why a small school network, which was swimming along with Yahoo!, Google, and all other big fishes was the one that got hacked. After that tragic incident, Sisters High became a free email relay. A lot of users disappeared and so did 3,00 files, all belonging to the school.

The case was then reported to the FBI. In a few days time, they were on the case. Software repairs to give back students internet access cost a mere 11k. Jon Renner provided the Bureau with system logs. The suspect that was found and question gave them a handful of IP addresses to study. Their most trackable lead was Sprint Canada.

Mark Gosselin, a veteran investigator in the RCMP joined the computer crime squad. In the FBI's eyes, they see that the hacker is using a high speed DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) account in Ohio. If FBI had account info, it would be a train track leading right to the hacker. Unfortunately, they don't. The first step in Gosselin's manual was to find some ISPs provided by Sprint. With Sprint that kept the car fueled, he found IPs in all over Montreal. There were more suspects but some users got banned for violating user rules. Gosselin had a fixed opinion on the source of trouble to a wealthy suburb on Rue De Golf. The owner, John Calce was the owner of a transportation company and is known as a temperament who isn't responsible for his children. His youngest child loved computers, and Gosselin paid attention ti him. It was never predicted that a skinny, dark haired teenager that like to play basketball is the actual person that they were looking for. The hunt for Mafiaboy is on. The most notorious teenage hacker since Kevin Mitnick.

It was the time when it was the U.S and China cyberwar, where hackers from all over the world took action. Ping, was an abbreviation for Packet Internet Groper, which refers when a system is working properly. It is like when you are calling someone at home, and you are waiting for him to pick up the phone. Charles Neal, LA's FBI leader was contacted most. Neal, who unraveled the Kevin Mitnick case, was FBI's most experienced cybercop had helped develop computer crime investigative methods. Like Gosselin in the search of Mafiaboy, no FBI agent in LA had a spark of brilliance if what they would encounter was going to be big. Their informative skills would prove how critical they could nab they hacker and take him down.

Swallow and Knesek, FBI agents, that opened up two hackers, managed to help by asking the hackers for help. Hackers that were arrested were immediately transformed into consultants and trainers. During Swallow's surf, a hacker tempted him with 400 credit card number which were stored in a server in Germany. The hacker wasn't trying to help or anything; he was testing if Swallow was a fed. Swallow explained that 400 cards were worth more than 4 million, and he was eager to take this person out. In situations like these, Swallow won the interest of teenage hackers and he tried to bait them.

Mafiaboy's first big loot was on Yahoo!. He went past the network and hid all it's major roots and ISPs. How Yahoo! could tell that they were hacked was by excessive ICMP traffic. Yahoo just got DDoSd. The Yahoo attack is enough to fill more than 600 trucks with data. Later that night, it was a usual night for Swallow. He was inside a server with Mafiaboy in it, bragging about his skills. Other hackers in the IRC channel was annoyed by his bragging until Mafiaboy pulled of a prank saying that Swallow booted him out.

On March 8, system admins were battling a huge denial of service attack at a rate of 800 megabits per second of incoming data almost thrice the site's normal load. The attack threatened to keep the retailer offline at unpredictable times. The next time Swallow accessed the particular IRC channel with Mafiaboy in it, he ranted and have claimed to hack He then put a challenge and asked who they want him to hit next.Someone suggested CNN, as would E-Trade. In a matter of minutes, CNN and 1,200 more websites they hosted started to corrode. The next day, Datek and E-Trade, two stock-trading companies as well started to corrode and the financial market went flumsy. The FBI needed to find Mafiaboy. Fast.

Neal told Knesek that a hacker hacked tons of large networks. She and Neal found out that it would be a combo of two approaches to Mafiaboy's house to get him. The real challenge was finding the real Mafiaboy. There were dozens of Mafiaboys to find. They had to decipher the real Mafiaboy from three most suspected suspects. Neal dispatched some agents to Exodus communications to see if computers were in an attack. On February 12, Dell was attacked heavily by internet traffic. Mafiaboy again claimed responsibility and showed his kills and capabilities of hacking. There was a chat shown. in that chat, Mafiaboy changed his name.

When Knesek arrived in Montreal, she took role in FBI. After four days of setups of DNRs, investigators found an account that was owned by Mafiaboy. They were hacked accounts but legitimate ones. Gosselin was trapped; if the account was hacked and wasn't the real Mafiaboy, he'd have to let the person free. They then obtained court to find ways of capturing Mafiaboy. It involved hacking and they checked Mafiaboy's internet activity. One night, FBI agent Currie went to Mafiaboy's suburb and finally captured him. Mafiaboy was sent to court.

It was revealed that Mafiaboy just celebrated his brother's birthday. He was sentenced an 8 month juvie detention for his wrongdoings.

If there is unclear information about IRC, go here:

The Hacker Diaries is a compilation of hacking stories that was written by Dan Verton. All rights and respect go to him.

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The Hacker Diaries Chapter 2

So guys, I'm back with more summary. Chapter 2 is a completely different story from the one before, and it features two kids, that don't even know each other, go to the different school, and live in the different suburb. One kid, named Joe, lived in Philly, while the other, Aaron lived in Chicago. They both have the same interest, and that is in computers. They both learned how to hack from VCRs. 

Joe's interest sparked when one noght he was starving. He went down and made himself a PBJ, but heard his dad's footsteps. Finding a way to hide it, he slipped it inside a VCR. When he was told to go upstairs to his room, instead he devised a plan to get the sandwich out. There's no denying it, Joe was learning about how the VCR is supposed to work. Aaron, on the other hand, got a VCR from his dad when his dad won a prize. He unplugged it out of the TV and saw the circuits inside. Aaron then studied his Mac 2 computer and found out that they worked the same. 

Joe went to his local radio shack and bought a used TRS-80 for 200 bucks. It had a modem slot and when he got a modem, he surfed Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), some kind of email centers and learnt about phone switching. Joe never thought that phone switching was hacking; he tried to set limits.

Aaron, never cared about limits. His parents had problems and split up. Their last action as a couple was buy his sister a new computer, but was mostly used by Aaron. He also surfed BBSs, with the username Noid, his nickname at school because he was DJ for parties. Aaron went to a BBS server called Revenge, a rich illegal file sharing server. After he shared free files with the group leader, Apocalypse, free, expensive softwares popped up in his inbox. Apocalypse gave him limited time to surf in the server. Revenge hacked tons of things and cracked many softwares, so they are more like a mafia organization than a BBS.

Within 2 years of owning a modem, Joe wrote scripts that kept on switching phones. Joe then taunted local phone services but they did't really care. He knew what he was doing was bad, but he didn't stop; it was fun and easy. It wasn't a game where there weren't any victims. After that, Joe's feelings of wrong or right prevented him from making mistakes in his gang. 

Aaron was trying to figure how to crack an application. It was challenging but hard. You can imagine his frustration if he couldn't connect to Revenge; he surfed IRCs, channels, but it was nowhere to be found. He met Apocalypse and found that it was shut down because of feds. FBI are now on the case. He gave up and started collage. He tried to take part in a different section of hacking.

Joe never quit hacking. He just redefined it and used it for a good reason. He said that if hackers didn't hack for money, what did they hack for? He did legitimate hacks in his university. Aaron was similar like Joe. He redefined hacking and defined hackers as hypocrites. Hackers also don't want their identity and credit card numbers to be stolen so don't do what you don't want people do to you.

If there is unclear information about IRC, go here:

The Hacker Diaries is a compilation of hacking stories that was written by Dan Verton. All rights and respect go to him.

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The Hacker Diaries Chapter 1

Hey guys, I'm back with chapter one of this book about hacker. The book expresses different stories as chapters' but I strongly disagree. I do disagree, but I would just follow the book originality. So, lets stop complaining about hits book, and lets start with the summary.

So, Genocide (Travis Ogden but not explained in book) is a poor teenager that lived in a small shack in Alaska. He is a child of a divorced couple, and was thought and raised by his parents. He was the typical teen that you would meet in your neighborhood; he wrestles for his school, and joins summer swimming invitationals to get in good physique. He never really cared about school. Especially when it was chemistry. The only subject he was interested in was computer. It was the only good mark found on his report card. That is even if he brought his report card home. During school time, he hacks Macs in the library, and pranks users.

When it was a chemistry exam that determined if he would get his diploma, he got his teacher's username and password then changed his score. When he got his diploma and could get computer courses in the University of Alaska, he put in some commands in cmd, he found admin accounts and when admins found out, he escapes the scene and make it look like someone else did it.

Not long after computer courses, he got some friends and they formed a group called Genocide2600. It was a perfect hack team; their skills combined can hack Linux well, and they could code very well. To them, sharing files and tactics. If they didn't share files, their group never would've moved on. After the brotherhood had come closer, they made a site. A site that was so complete that an amateur hacker could go there for hacking tips. When they hacked a server called “Moon”, the FBI reasoned with the group.

After Travis was annoyed, he left Alaska without a degree and moved to Oregon. A few years later, he went back to Alaska for university. Travis is now a person that works in hacking security. Geez, what a hypocrite. This story tells us about a poor boy that never stops at what he is interested at. His mom is now a total stranger to him, but his shack is still a memory that lies with him.

If there is unclear information about IRC, go here:

The Hacker Diaries is a compilation of hacking stories that was written by Dan Verton. All rights and respect go to him.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Hacker Diaries Introduction

Hey, guys! Welcome to my new blog. This blog will be all about book reviews and my parents decided and chose me this book because they think that it is interesting and I should learn more about a computer. Mostly my dad chose me this for me because he is a person that works in the IT division.

So, like all books, it starts with an introduction and the introduction of this book is a diary piece of a hacker that was captured for hacking illegally. As his name is concealed, you can see that he is a typical teenager that you see in your neighborhood. He doesn't admit that he is wrong; it was clearly stated that what he has done has happened due to his addiction of computers. His obsession of hacking began when he read an anarchy text off the internet; the infamous Anarchist's Cookbook. It is now a forum and it tells you how to do illegal things such as hack, pick locks, and a lot of other bad things.

His first step to full scale, big time hacking was when he joined the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) a chat room that was used by hackers to communicate. Now you can call it a huge Skype group with tons of people inside but it looks more Command Prompt-ish. In the IRC, he met two people called DarkViper and Prophet, the first people to teach him how to hack. They thought him how to disguise and slip inside IP addresses (Internet Protocol) and they also provided him with hack files and they also thought him different program languages.

He is a free child; his step mother and his father don't care about his activities in the internet and they don't really care about him. They thought that it would be better for him to stay inside with his computer, better than doing wild things like drugs out in the dangerous neighborhood. They had a very loose relationship; he wasn't a needy child and all he wanted was new computer equipment. Once in a while his parents would check his room but he always had a sports page for a decoy.

He really likes to hack in school, mostly because he knows other people's account passwords, and the teachers would accuse whoever student that logged into that account. When he turned 17, he started to hack small companies that anyone barely knows and he managed to gain root access to the servers which held the company data. After that, the gold mine with all the credit card numbers, he looted them all. He then found that too easy and because he did that mostly because of his capability of hacking websites, he got bored and stopped hacking small companies.

He and his friends then decided to form a band of hackers called The Skeleton Crew. With their advance scripts, just with a mouseclick they could find themselves in the root. They always liked it better if a site they came through was more challenging than the others; so they could try new methods of hacking. They were professionals at hacking. They could break through all operating systems; for them, Windows was too easy. They hacked Linux, Unix, Irix, you name it. Although they did it mostly for the fun of hacking, they also like to hack websites that boasted their security.

The Skeleton Crew decided that they would get out of IRC. They wanted to create a more private group where they could concentrate more so they could hack bigger. After their new group, they devised a plan to hack Pentagon's network. They then gained access to systems all over the world and attacked The Pentagon. They put some trapdoors and flaws in the system and they were able to crash military operations. Even after that, they didn't go to the press. It was like they were innocent.

The Pentagon was then panicking with all the other government associations like the FBI, NSA, The Air Force, and many other thing. They kept on doing this for a month and went inside more systems; Air Force bases, Navy installations, Nuclear research labs, NASA Sites, and university networks were all screwed.

After about a week, the FBI came and confiscated all his belongings; his floppy disks, his computer, and his CDs. Oh yeah, and also him. He was then put to court. With the FBI searching for Prophet, he and Viper were screwed. Their lives were decided by the judges as for Prophet, they were still finding him. Judges will never understand why they hacked or even what hackers are all about. Dive into this book with hacker diaries and observe what they do in their everyday life. Thanks for reading! Come back for more updates

The Hacker Diaries is a compilation of hacking stories that was written by Dan Verton. All rights and respect go to him.