Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Hacker Diaries Chapter 4

So, the next chapter is again a completely different story. It is about two hacking brothers. One is angry with Christianity, that one's called Pr0metheus. The other one, was just angry. He is Explotion. No matter what you think, all hackers and script kiddies have unique stories to tell. It explains why one teenage hacker wants to be The Devil's Advocate while the other is thinking what type of hacker he should be. This is not explained in the book, but there must be something that makes the hacker do this. Maybe they have no friends, maybe they have family problems, or maybe they have their personal problems. To me, not all hackers could be blamed for what they have done. There must be a sadder story behind it.

Pr0metheus, Satan's hacker, targets Christian websites to corrupt. The first thing he will need to start his onslaught is a list of victims to be terminated. A list of sites. He went to netcraft.com, and with the keyword 'Church' and 'Holycross' he found over 2,000 servers and websites to terminate. Everyone knows that you can't mutilate 2,000 websites in a night. To narrow this out, Pr0metheus modified the Perl (Practical Extraction and Report) which is used to process text. With the script, Pr0metheus defaced all holy writings and turned them to devilish ones. Pr0metheus is a worshiper of Satan; and he is on the internet, striking holy sites. When he's done putting all the devilish writings, he leaves a name card with his email to make his personal things more puzzling. After he is done defacing a website, he leaves Satan's symbol in it. On November 30, 2001, the Archdiocese of Baltimore issues that a hacking group called 'Hacking by Satan' has just emerged, and announces that no one is safe.

From now, we'll just call him Prometheus instead of Pr0metheus, its less complicated. Ok, and so, Prometheus started hacking since he was 14. He thought that C and Pascal :) programming were too boring but at least still better than school. When Prometheus turned fifteen, it was his birthday and he got to choose his religion. It was certainly no doubt that he chose Satanism. He started to become a Satanist when he read the bible of Satan. He said that he was really interested in it and his life felt like it just started. Satanism was the sart of his maniacal Holy demolishing. Hacking for Satan wasn't his first group. He joined a group with Poisonbox in it and his attacks directed on mostly DISAs. Prometheus then taunted system admins about their lack of security and dumped a picture of Anton LaVey, the writer of The Satan Bible. Prometheus was starting to get bored with Poisonbox and decided to gt a move on with life. He defaced a Christian school site and dumped a few letters then an upside down cross. If you count Prometheus' victims, there are 56 and counting.

Prometheus never steals credit card data, so the press don't have anything to charge him with. He always backs up original files and never destroy data on servers. He doesn't plan to stop hacking; in fact he plans to make his group grow. He said that he hacked sites not to brag, but to promote Satanism. From this angle, you can tell that he has a lot of problems. Prometheus studies in school about computer technology. Recently, we haven't heard from him.

Explosion, is a pissed of teenager, who puts charges on everyone, but not particularly anybody. He is a well educated hacker, and a quite good one too. What he really wants to do is corrupt the minds of children. Born and raised in Calif, he was the victim of a divorce. He was a good friend, and a better hacker. One day, he found a gap in the email and with the right skills, you can hack into it. In High School, he wasn't a popular kid, but doesn't get annoyed a lot. His school provides technology and unlike his old school, this one was very free. He could do just about anything he wants. A few months after his junior years, his mom died and he met a friend with his interest. He could use the computer in his friend's house just by talking his way in.

It's October 2001, and he got himself and his friend a job. He still hates people, but starts to blend with the environment. Now, Explotion is a much better person. He works as a chief technology officer in a small company in California. He works by himself where he doesn't get bothered easily. He likes his job but he would much rather hack. His assistant liked a band, and it made a poll for which song was best. Explotion made a short yet complicated script, called PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). He wanted the song he picked to get a lot of votes, and this script looped, so every time the program stopped running, it ran again. The script was amazing. Not only he hijacked polls, but he also arranged the poll. He added songs, and put songs that the band cut from their album in the poll.People in his IRC server (Read Introduction if need more explanation) suggested him to put in vulgar and obscene titles that didn't even exist. What Explotion wanted to do was tell the band that they shouldn't have cut the songs, not to corrupt the band. It is now told that Explotion is a better person, but for me, he fights for what's good inside.

If there is unclear information about IRC, go here: http://insidehacking.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-hacker-diaries-confessions-of.html

The Hacker Diaries is a compilation of hacking stories that was written by Dan Verton. All rights and respect go to him.

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