Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hacker Diaries: Chapter 7

In this very day, Willie Gonzalez's life was about to change. He was the average teenager that you would meet. Willie was an innocent child that never wanted to know much about computers. But unfortunately, this happened.

Willie met a teenager messing with a computer and he was told to press a button. The teenager looked hooked up to the computer, but Willie didn't know what else he could've done, so he pressed enter. When he did so, Willie was warned that he was inside the U.S government computer system. He was shocked, but in shock, he was also interested and he decided to go deeper inside hacking.

 Willie's parents were divorced. He had a bad life as a teenager. His mother was poor and he needed to get a part time job to work. He got a new father and moved to Miami. Although it was much better in Miami, high school still sucked. It was very boring. He got a better life and he could buy softwares with his stepfather. When he entered a BBS, he found out that you could get expensive softwares for free.

Willie was a child that hated school. He especially hated typing lessons. He was bad at them, so he went the easy way in. He hacked into a teacher's account and made him pass all the assignments. He got to change his score because he had unlimited access to admin accounts. he still hates school although he could find some tricks to get good grades, and that is by cheating.

When Willie was playing a game at home, his neighbor, called Kryp was a good friend of his. Their parents knew each other and that was when Kryp visited Willie to play a game. Willie was happy he got a friend to play with. Willie thought him on how the game works and all the logic behind the game. He really like How Kryp acted and that was why he thought Kryp. Kryp was intelligent and knew how the game worked, so he was caught up in Willie's hacking bait.

When Willie was 18, his mom was worried about him hacking and was afraid that he would get in some serious problem with the FBI or a big association. Willie didn't mind and he just kept on hacking. Today, Willie will hack himself to jail. Straight to jail by hacking a lot of companies, but not defacing them. He got the FBI curious but that didn't stop him.

A year had just passed. Willie was 19 and now he's got a job in a local Miami company. They didn't know Willie was a hacker, so Willie disguised as a technician and said that he had to fix the computer. Instead he just used the admin computer, opened command prompt, and destroyed files. He shook with the CEO after that and he had free lunch after job applying.

Willie met Kryp in Taco Bell. They had a good time together, they chat, and they shared some laughs. This thing they did they called a DP run, Dr. Pepper run, was a weekly thing. One week, Kryp asked Willie "Willie, are you a hacker?" Willie was surprised and told Kryp "Yes I am, Kryp. As a matter of fact, I have hacked hundreds of websites. Hacking is not bad. It is the person that is good or bad." That was the first time Willie explained about hacking. After a few DP runs with different teens, Kryp was asked the same question and answered just like his mentor.

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