Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hacker Diaries Chapter 5

After 9/11, Congress grated federal law enforcement authorities sweeping new powers to play with phones and track terror seekers on the move. It was a hacker's dream come true. Exactly 11 weeks after 9/11, the infamous hacker gang World of Hell, found by Cowhead200. Its members were found all over the world. They defaced hundreds of websites at a time. The numbers of websites that they 'owned' were really many. They included private companies and military organizations. When the federal agents checked his room, it wasn't much like a bedroom. It looked more like a hacking lab and a technology center. There were many computers that were the best ones in that era. He also had a guitar to go with him.

WorldOfHell first struck a South Korean manufacturer of power amplifiers. Actually Cowhead did. WorldOfHell's first debut was a porn site, and they wanted to be feared. People in their IRC server thought that they were just script kiddie wannabies. On March 25, they started a mass defacement and defaced more than 200 sites. By the end of the month, they got 13 experienced members and defaced all over the world. By June, a new member called RaFa joined. He was loud, and was the person that bragged most. He was born in 1984, somwhere in Middle-America. He was the smart student that got good grades in  High School. He also like graphic arts, that's why he called himself RaFa, after the painter Raphael. In the group, no one cared about him and the major guys like Cowhead would ignore him.

The group taunted everyone about their system and defaced the links anyway. Another member joined, and he was FoneTone. He was a good script writer and he also was humorous. He hacked five times a week, and that was the least he'd do. WoH's Kr0n said that highschool teachers were stupid and don't know anything about computers. They have successfully changed the definition of hacking, and now they are no longer pictured as nerds. Every website they defaced would say that the admin just got owned. January 15 was the end of WoH. To me, they were just a normal IRC server but they cost the net a lot. Their future is almost gone. It is not very well managed. No offense, but for the fans of this particular story, it was the most boring.

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