Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Hacker Diaries: OVERALL SCORE

Hey, guys! I haven't updated for a few days, and man, it is good to be back. The book I have just made a summary about is finally finished, and I will make a book score and my opinion about the whole book. This book I was assigned with, my loyal fans was a book about different hackers and different roles they take in the hacking world. This book took a few weeks to review and summarize, and please let me know what book i should summarize next. It would be great if I had suggestions so you guys could hear summaries from your favorite books. This isn't a school task; don't misunderstand me, I am doing this for the people that want to see a summary for their favorite book, so I would be delighted if you send any suggestions. My first blog season was an amazing one, although I didn't get a lot of page views. My main priority isn't to impress readers. What I really want to do is impress myself and I haven't really done that. Dear readers, I would like to apologize if I have said any discomforting things in any of my posts, but like people say, let the bad times roll. So, lets get with criticism now.

This book was good, it has given me a lot of knowledge about computers and I knew thing that I didn't know before. The plots in the stories, however. They are fairly boring for a child like me, in this very young age. Although it was just a bit boring, I had some imaginary motivations that led me to finishing this book. This book has encouraged me to learn more about computers and hacking. The most likely candidate for my next summary is a book linked to computers, but if anyone wants a book, I could always make a summary about it. I would like to make a summary about the book adapted to a movie, the Oscar winning 12 Years A Slave if there aren't any comments in a few days. So, lets really skip to criticism.

The introduction was good, it was a good start and made us understand more about what will happen in the next chapters. It wasn't clear about who was writing, but after seeing all stories and trying to match characters in the stories with the character in the introduction, the most likely hacker is Mafiaboy. Genocide, from chapter one, was a probable black hat. He caused mischief and trouble, but however, like most hackers, he ended up going against hacking. Aaron, if you still remember him, the script kiddie from chapter two, took a different role in hacking. Joe, also from chapter two, never quit hacking and turned into a white hat. Mafiaboy, from chapter three, just got to juvie and no one ever heard from him anymore. Explotion and Pr0metheus, the brothers of mischief are just mad and terrible black hats. Illuminati! Satanists! That is what defines Pr0metheus. I have no doubt that he still hates god now. That kid is just hopeless. Explotion, on the other hand, also can't be cured. Those two hackers in my opinion are the meanest from the mean and the worst from the worse. When your'e mad, you don't hack; instead, you just let it all go. In my opinion, chapter 5 with WorldOfHell in it was the most boring chapter. I mean, all hacking groups are capable of doing that. Defacing, hacking sites, and finding yourself in a root system isn't so awesome when your'e a big bad group that can demolish sites. Those are too mainstream. Find something unusual a hacker never done! Chapter 6 was quite interesting. Although it was no more than a female hacker starting from the bottom, it wasn't so special. Look, i admire hackers for their capabilities, but when all you really do is deface, when are your real hacking powers going to be admired? Chapter 7 was the most interesting, in my opinion. White hat hackers are doing the right thing, and this is no typical white hat. Willie is a white hat no one knows. He thought his friend on how to hack and he really dug in and defined hacking, so he was the hacker with most morals so its no doubt he had the best story. H.D. Moore was a teenager full of hope. He was talented, and he got recruited for his brains. If I were to become a headhunter, I'd have my eye on him.

If you don't like this book, please do not blame me or the author. If you don't like this book, blame the hackers that they hadn't had a good enough life story. You can blame me too, if you don't like my summaries, but guys; seriously? If I am not a good enough summarizer, please tell me on what I could improve and how you want my reviews to be like because its not like I have a magic lamp that as if i rubbed it a genie would come out. Many people would ask, what makes a hacker? Why would hackers want to be hackers? The answers is, they're sick of their lives. Most hackers have divorced parents, and I feel sorry for them. You definitely can't blame them for being bad, but you can blame them for messing up industries. In my perspective, its not the hacker's fault. It is their parents' fault that they didn't raise their children well. After all guys, no one was born bad. Its how they grow up.

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