Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sport Offseason

So far, this summer has been relatively good for my favorite sports teams. In the world of soccer, Bayern Munich may have lost a playmaker and a midfield engine in Bastian Schweinsteiger, and for a cheap soccer prize (Somewhere around 15 million Euros). However, they found another player that matched Bayern's midfield criterias in Arturo Vidal, Chile's gasoline vital to their Copa America win. Other than that, I didn't really note anything else which is probably my fault you guys won't get as much information from me. As for basketball, my San Antonio Spurs have had one of the best offseasons I've witnessed if we don't count every time LeBron James moves teams (His every move out of a team gets him an instant finals run). If he never have moved to Cleveland, his chances would've been lower in Miami prior to Bosh's injury. Let's get to the real talk now. The Spurs resigned Kawhi Leonard, a potential future cornerstone for a pretty fat contract but they got big discounts from future first ballot hall of famer and one of the top 5 D-wings in Danny Green. At first, I thought things were crumbling when they shipped of Aron Baynes and Tiago Splitter because I doubted Aldridge's welcome. On the other hand, my Patriots didn't exactly have an amazing offseason. Darrelle Revis left for his old team and in this exact moment, Tom Brady is being suspended although theire is a 30-70% chance that he might be appealed.

Lets start with soccer. I prefer saying soccer since I also follow American football but American football is more fussy. However, lets get to the conversation. Bayern sent off their longtime engine and Germany's Mercedes Benz in the midfield also known as Bastian Schweinsteiger. Although Manchester United are planning to flood their office with money for Thomas Muller, I don't think the move will happen. A lot of teams are also planning a move for their young star Mario Gotze but I think Bayern can hold on to him. Earlier this season, they acquired Douglas Costa from a team they destroyed in the Champions League. I believe it is quite a bold move to preserve the team if Ribery or Robben ever expires.

Moving on, we got basketball talk. At first, the San Antonio Spurs traded away quite a lot of players. They traded Splitter to Atlanta and got Aron Baynes out. I was quite shocked and honestly a bit worried. At that time, I doubted Aldridges welcome but they resignes Duncan, Leonard, and Green so their foundation was safe. After they recruited Aldridge, I instantly felt sorry for my friend that's a Portland fan. Not long after that, they signed David West from the Pacers for 1.5 million (The veteran minimum salary). They then sent off Cory Joseph but they got a third backup point guard in Ray Mccallum behind Mills and Parker. They sent their first round draft pick, Milutinov packing to Greece which was ideal but I say the Spurs' main loss was in Marco Belinelli. They lost a sharpshooter but the additions outweigh the negatives by over a ton.

Last of all, which I don't think will be so relevant is the Patriots' offseason. I don't see much activity because I really don't want to talk about it. Nevertheless, goodbye and hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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