Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Hacker Diaries Chapter 1

Hey guys, I'm back with chapter one of this book about hacker. The book expresses different stories as chapters' but I strongly disagree. I do disagree, but I would just follow the book originality. So, lets stop complaining about hits book, and lets start with the summary.

So, Genocide (Travis Ogden but not explained in book) is a poor teenager that lived in a small shack in Alaska. He is a child of a divorced couple, and was thought and raised by his parents. He was the typical teen that you would meet in your neighborhood; he wrestles for his school, and joins summer swimming invitationals to get in good physique. He never really cared about school. Especially when it was chemistry. The only subject he was interested in was computer. It was the only good mark found on his report card. That is even if he brought his report card home. During school time, he hacks Macs in the library, and pranks users.

When it was a chemistry exam that determined if he would get his diploma, he got his teacher's username and password then changed his score. When he got his diploma and could get computer courses in the University of Alaska, he put in some commands in cmd, he found admin accounts and when admins found out, he escapes the scene and make it look like someone else did it.

Not long after computer courses, he got some friends and they formed a group called Genocide2600. It was a perfect hack team; their skills combined can hack Linux well, and they could code very well. To them, sharing files and tactics. If they didn't share files, their group never would've moved on. After the brotherhood had come closer, they made a site. A site that was so complete that an amateur hacker could go there for hacking tips. When they hacked a server called “Moon”, the FBI reasoned with the group.

After Travis was annoyed, he left Alaska without a degree and moved to Oregon. A few years later, he went back to Alaska for university. Travis is now a person that works in hacking security. Geez, what a hypocrite. This story tells us about a poor boy that never stops at what he is interested at. His mom is now a total stranger to him, but his shack is still a memory that lies with him.

If there is unclear information about IRC, go here:

The Hacker Diaries is a compilation of hacking stories that was written by Dan Verton. All rights and respect go to him.

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