Monday, March 24, 2014

The Hacker Diaries Introduction

Hey, guys! Welcome to my new blog. This blog will be all about book reviews and my parents decided and chose me this book because they think that it is interesting and I should learn more about a computer. Mostly my dad chose me this for me because he is a person that works in the IT division.

So, like all books, it starts with an introduction and the introduction of this book is a diary piece of a hacker that was captured for hacking illegally. As his name is concealed, you can see that he is a typical teenager that you see in your neighborhood. He doesn't admit that he is wrong; it was clearly stated that what he has done has happened due to his addiction of computers. His obsession of hacking began when he read an anarchy text off the internet; the infamous Anarchist's Cookbook. It is now a forum and it tells you how to do illegal things such as hack, pick locks, and a lot of other bad things.

His first step to full scale, big time hacking was when he joined the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) a chat room that was used by hackers to communicate. Now you can call it a huge Skype group with tons of people inside but it looks more Command Prompt-ish. In the IRC, he met two people called DarkViper and Prophet, the first people to teach him how to hack. They thought him how to disguise and slip inside IP addresses (Internet Protocol) and they also provided him with hack files and they also thought him different program languages.

He is a free child; his step mother and his father don't care about his activities in the internet and they don't really care about him. They thought that it would be better for him to stay inside with his computer, better than doing wild things like drugs out in the dangerous neighborhood. They had a very loose relationship; he wasn't a needy child and all he wanted was new computer equipment. Once in a while his parents would check his room but he always had a sports page for a decoy.

He really likes to hack in school, mostly because he knows other people's account passwords, and the teachers would accuse whoever student that logged into that account. When he turned 17, he started to hack small companies that anyone barely knows and he managed to gain root access to the servers which held the company data. After that, the gold mine with all the credit card numbers, he looted them all. He then found that too easy and because he did that mostly because of his capability of hacking websites, he got bored and stopped hacking small companies.

He and his friends then decided to form a band of hackers called The Skeleton Crew. With their advance scripts, just with a mouseclick they could find themselves in the root. They always liked it better if a site they came through was more challenging than the others; so they could try new methods of hacking. They were professionals at hacking. They could break through all operating systems; for them, Windows was too easy. They hacked Linux, Unix, Irix, you name it. Although they did it mostly for the fun of hacking, they also like to hack websites that boasted their security.

The Skeleton Crew decided that they would get out of IRC. They wanted to create a more private group where they could concentrate more so they could hack bigger. After their new group, they devised a plan to hack Pentagon's network. They then gained access to systems all over the world and attacked The Pentagon. They put some trapdoors and flaws in the system and they were able to crash military operations. Even after that, they didn't go to the press. It was like they were innocent.

The Pentagon was then panicking with all the other government associations like the FBI, NSA, The Air Force, and many other thing. They kept on doing this for a month and went inside more systems; Air Force bases, Navy installations, Nuclear research labs, NASA Sites, and university networks were all screwed.

After about a week, the FBI came and confiscated all his belongings; his floppy disks, his computer, and his CDs. Oh yeah, and also him. He was then put to court. With the FBI searching for Prophet, he and Viper were screwed. Their lives were decided by the judges as for Prophet, they were still finding him. Judges will never understand why they hacked or even what hackers are all about. Dive into this book with hacker diaries and observe what they do in their everyday life. Thanks for reading! Come back for more updates

The Hacker Diaries is a compilation of hacking stories that was written by Dan Verton. All rights and respect go to him.

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